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Belarus presents over 100 new defense products at MILEX 2019 in Minsk


– The 9th international arms and military hardware expo MILEX 2019 kicked off in Minsk on 15 May. The expo brought together more than 160 manufacturers and exporters from Belarus, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Russia, Serbia and South Africa. About 60 official foreign delegations arrived in Minsk. 

The expo's solemn opening ceremony took place at the historical and cultural complex Stalin's Line on 15 May. Military reenactment teams reenacted a battle of the Great Patriotic War. 

The expo attendees also saw a simulation of the elimination of an armed gang that penetrated the territory of Belarus. The simulation featured modern machinery and arms produced in Belarus, including the Caiman armored vehicles, the upgraded BTR-70-BM armored personnel carrier, and MZKT 500200 truck tractors designed for towing semi-automatic mortars 2B-23 Nona-M1. 

The exposition was housed at Minsk Arena and the surrounding outdoor area. Attending the opening ceremony were State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zas, Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee Roman Golovchenko and Chief of the General Staff, Belarusian First Deputy Defense Minister Oleg Belokonev. The expo occupied about 20,000 square meters of the exhibition area; however the exhibition premises could not accommodate everyone. 

New samples of Belarusian firearms were presented at the expo. The bolt-action sniper rifles SV.01 and SV.02 are fully Belarusian products. Their effective range is 600-800m while the maximum range is up to 1km, BelTA learned from Oleg Tupik, a representative of the Belarusian company BSVT New Technologies. The SV sniper rifle is the first rifle made in Belarus. It has a modern barrel to ensure good hits over medium distances. The rifle's rail can mount a proprietary tactical optical sight Puma 3-12x50. The weapon can be switched to semi-automatic mode. It can also be fitted with a suppressor. 

The products on display also included pistols designed by Igor Vasilyev: semi-automatic modular pistols PSNV and PV-17. PSNV is one of the first pistols designed in Belarus. It is a simple and reliable gun built on a scheme with a short barrel motion just like most of the classic well-established pistols. Fire accuracy is twice as good as that of the Makarov pistol. The PSNV pistol comes with a magazine for six rounds.

 The new air defense missile system Buk-MB3K was showcased outside Minsk Arena. The system was created by the Belarusian enterprise NPOOO OKB TSP. The Buk missile system was fully upgraded. It can use a Belarusian missile. It resembles an old version, but it is a totally new product, Roman Golovchenko said. 

In the photo: at the expo.
Pavel Gorbach, Photos by Ramil Nasibulin, Oksana Manchuk, BelTA

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