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Belarusian food sold in 75 countries


– Belarusian food is sold in 75 countries across the globe these days, representatives of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus told BelTA. 

Belarus fully satisfies the domestic demand for food with locally made products. In terms of food security Belarus is ranked 44th among 113 countries. In the Commonwealth of Independent States Belarus is the top producer of potatoes per capita (618kg in 2018), meat per capita (129kg), and milk (775kg). The country is the CIS' fifth largest producer of grain per capita (649kg) and the fourth largest producer of vegetables per capita (184kg). 

In 2018 meat production per capita in Belarus was twice as high as that in Russia and Kazakhstan. In terms of milk production per capita Belarus is ahead of Kazakhstan by 2.5 times and ahead of Ukraine, Armenia, and Russia by 3.2-3.7 times. Grain production plays a major role in ensuring Belarus' food security. As of 1 October 2019 the gross grain yield (without corn) in agricultural enterprises totaled 6.5 million tonnes (23.9% up from 1 October 2018). The harvesting of sugar beet, vegetables, and potatoes continues. 

Belarus manages to ensure positive dynamics of livestock production. The production of cattle and poultry (carcass weight) exceeded 1.2 million tonnes in 2018, 126.3% as against 2010, with milk production exceeding 7.3 million tonnes (110.9%). 

The retail network in Belarus fully satisfies the nation's demand for food. In January-August 2019 Belarusian retailers sold Br15 billion worth of food. Food products accounted for 51.4% of the retail trade. The share of Belarusian foods amounted to 78.3%. The demand is virtually completely satisfied by Belarusian products in a range of commodities.

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